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JordanCo Designs is a unique shop for handmade jewelry, tumblers, and much more to come! All of our products were made in Indiana, USA.

We at JordanCo Desings share a love for arts and crafts and believe that quality is key. Everything was carefully created to give you the best possible craftmanship.

Hi, I'm Jordan!

The owner and Creator of JordanCo Designs! I am a full time Teacher, Athletic Trainer and a self-made Entrepreneur. Creating differrent types of art is a passion of mine.

As a kid who grew up with ADHD, I contantly felt different, misunderstood, and often alone. Art Therapy was an alternative way for me to express my emotions--anxiety, sadness, anger, love- that were sometimes difficult to put into words. Back then mental health was this unspoken rule to be private about.

My goal is to spread mental health awareness through all of the crafts I make here at JordanCo. It is time to normalize this topic, shine more light and have more unashamed conversations surrounding mental health.

Thank you so much for your support!

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